Midori's Floating World Cafe

Welcome to Midori's Floating World Cafe

Midori's Floating World Cafe proudly serving delicious Japanese food to the greater Minneapolis community since 2003.

Our new location for CARRY OUT SERVICE ONLY is 3425 East Lake Street, Minneapolis.

Indoor dining will be announced when available



Mallory C.
We were first drawn to Midori's Floating World Cafe because they clearly label what is gluten free on their menu (they are also great about labeling...
Diamond I.
A friend and I came here for some catching up and loved it. The decor is very cUte and almost like and eye spy game so many little displays & The ceiling is...
Amelia Logan
Excellent place for quality Japanese food. i can say this place does it for me. service is consistently great. the place has an awesome feel to it.
Kiera Dunne
I've been meaning to try this restaurant for a while and finally got to tonight! As a vegetarian I was so pleased with the options. I got the vegetarian bento and since it was to go everything was packed so nicely! I ordered a tea and a hand written note was added to me order...
I'm so sorry your business suffered from the anger and destruction of our brothers and sisters. I've enjoyed your restaurant in the past and hope to again in the future.
Kenneth Sanders
Would definitely recommend trying this spot. Exceptional mood, tasty food, good customer service. Great work.

Monday - Wednesday
  • Closed
Thursday - Sunday
  • 4:00PM - 8:00PM